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Rare Earth Materials

We can offer many kinds of rare earth production. It includes Sputtering Targets, Evaporation Material, Rare Earth oxide Nano-powder, rod, foil, rare earth slab, disk, rare earth wire, rare earth trip, and some rare earth ceramic and crystal. If you can't find your needs in the list, Please inform us.

We supply many kinds of rare earth product. It includes:

  • High pure Rare Earth Metal
  • Rare Earth Oxide
  • Rare Earth Alloy
  • Rare Earth Oxide
  • Rare Earth Fluoride
  • Rare Earth Boride
  • Rare Earth Silicide
  • Rare earth Sulfide
  • Rare earth Selenid
  • Rare earth Telluride
  • Rare Earth Antimonide
  • Rare earth Nitride
  • Rare earth Carbide
  • Rare Earth Chloride
  • Rare Earth Carbonate
  • Rare Earth Nitrate
  • Rare Earth Acetate and so on.